The end of the summer is drawing near, and what a corker it's been! Let's see what jobs there are in the home and garden this month...

Around the home

With the warmth of August starting to fade, everyone is spending increasingly more time in doors now. If you're anything like us, then the kids have been off school all summer and trashing the house. It's looking a bit grubby and well lived in. This is the time to touch up those scuff marks, wipe away the grubby hand prints, and if all else fails, give the whole place a fresh lick of paint.

In the Garden

September is generally a cooler, windier and wetter month than August and the days are getting shorter. If you have a fruit or vegetable patch, you'll be busy reaping the rewards of all that work earlier in the year. Our grape vine is groaning under the weight (how do you make wine?!). It's also time to get out and start planting spring-flowering bulbs for next year and you can collect seeds for next summer's planting too (old envelopes are great for this). Make the most of the remaining warmth while you can!

Home Jobs

  • Touch up paint work in communal areas, or if really bad, then redecorate!
  • Spiders start to get really active this time of year, so its good idea to evict them (humanly) from the home.
  • Ahead of the weather getting colder and wetter, tis a good idea to check window and door seals.

Garden Jobs

  • Create a new lawn from turf or seed - autumn weather is favourable for good lawn establishment.
  • Start the autumn cleanup. Remove any old crops that have finished and clear away weeds to leave your plot clean and tidy for the winter.
  • Harvest your fruit and veg and enjoy the great taste of all that home grown effort.

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