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This is a photo of the final, finished radiator cover.

What follows is my step by step guide to making it, plus my initial plan that you can easily adapt for radiator covers that are an awkward or non-standard size.

Here’s the plan.

The radiator, plus pipes was 2120mm long. Then you need to add a few centimeters either side for pipe clearance and a bit of wiggle room.

The radiator itself was 9cm from the wall to the front, and then you need about 2-3cm of clearance to allow the air to circulate.

Here’s a list of the equipment needed with links to purchase on Amazon should you need.

In terms of tools I particularly like the Ryobi One+ set of cordless

And here’s a list of the materials needed
MDF sheets available at your local DIY shop or builders yard> You can usually but half or quarter sheets and often these can be cut to size for your project.

18mm MDF sheet for the main structure

12mm MDF sheet for the slats

6mm MDF sheet for the bracing and supports

1. cut your wood

From your plan you need to work out, and write down your cutting list.

This should list all the lengths, widths and the depth of MDF you need.

From this you can work out how many you can get from your sheets of MDF, and so how much you need.

My Cutting list was as follows:

And this is what it looked like (well actually this is the pile for three radiator covers!)

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